Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Bird Ornament

First I started something else, which I will post after completion. It didn't use much of the fat quarter, so I then made this bird, which also did not use much of the fabric. It was fun to make and came together very quickly!
I was inspired by the beautiful birds and excellent instructions on And So It Begins.

The original pattern came from Spool Sewing. The pattern is on the sidebar.

I made it as a Christmas ornament, but I'm going to see if my almost 11-month-old wants to play with it. If so, he can have it. I can always make more!


  1. So what did Max think of the bird? I could imagine a bunch of these birds on birch twigs.

  2. The original website, Spool Sewing, has an amazing mobile with birds on real branches.

    Max LOVES it! He carries it around, crawls around with it in his mouth, and loves pulling the ribbon loop. I think I'll be making more of these.

  3. It's great that it can be a toy and a Christmas ornament as well. A little embroidered eye on each side of the head would add even more personality - maybe french knots?

  4. That's so funny he loves it so much. I miss that guy.