Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall Raffia Wreath

It's a good thing we have until December before we are "allowed" to post photos of the next fabric. That means my post is not late. :) I finished this project a while ago but finally found time to put my photo up here. I cut the fabric into strips and wrapped it around a wreath form, and then wrapped it again with a string of raffia. It was fun to have up for Thanksgiving, but it's coming down shortly to make way for Christmas decorations. I hope everyone has a calm and peaceful Advent season!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Update

FYI: I filled the "treat bags" with stickers for each of the four kids. They had fun with them for the next 24 hours before they went home. Funny thing? They left the fabric squares behind. I just might make a few potholders for next Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fabric #3

I gave my sister the new fabric quite awhile ago. I just sent three of them today since I was on a trip to the post office anyway. Two won't receive theirs until Thanksgiving, and Karen... I'm sorry, you won't get yours until it is hand delivered slighty after Thanksgiving.
So, to even the playing field, I'm going to encourage you all to take your time and not post anything until December. I'm assuming fabric #4 will arrive sometime after Christmas if we keep up with the month-and-half rate we seem to be going. I'm also going to TELL YOU what it looks like. If you don't want to know, I guess don't read this.
It's a red, red flannel.

Coasters and another potholder - you can never have too many!!

I can always use another potholder, so the latest fat quarter turned into a potholder and coasters. My husband's aunt gave me similar coasters several years ago and I always wanted to know how she made took a little searching but I found the instructions here:
They were fun to make - I will probably make more of them!
Looking forward to the next fabric!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi there!

It's been two weeks since I finished these, and I'm glad I did since the cold weather seems here to stay.  Pretty basic -- cut the quarters in half the long way, seam the middle and outside edges, then sew the new long edges with right sides together.  Turn and stuff and tie with a ribbon!  Serging makes it really, really quick. 

My oldest was confused when he saw them.  He wanted to wrap them around his neck like a scarf.  I guess that's kind of the idea...


Friday, November 11, 2011


I am unable to get the comments to work, so here it goes, Valerie the book purse is a very clever idea.

 Thank you for the comments and the hot pad was easy and fun. 

Ruth~  a blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.  Have a safe trip and I will talk to you soon.

Book purse

This is a book purse. My library was having a special promotion which included getting a book purse kit for free, so of course I grabbed one. The kit included the empty book cover (Shakespeare) and the instructions. It’s all glued… very little sewing for this one. I just had to
sew two pieces together instead of “cutting on the fold” to get the most out of my fat quarter (nothing left over), and then did a little hand sewing to make the side pieces tend to tuck in when closed instead of flail out. The handles are made from an old tie, the button was from a suit coat, the elastic was a stretched out dead headband. I had to buy Aileen’s tacky glue to get the job done, but it was about time. How did I go so long without buying Aileen’s?
This purse would be impractical for me, because I tend to carry around diapers and kids books. I think my wallet alone is bigger than this purse. Don’t fear – I was able to give it away to someone who admired it. The teacher said she was giving a presentation on ways to bring books home, or something like that. Plus she would actually use it. She loved it. I loved getting it out of my house. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have finally been inspired.  Well, I am not sure  if it is much of an inspiration, but life has been busy here and I told Kathy and Ruth I would have this done on Saturday, so here it is on Monday.  Only 2 days late!  I decided to make a hot pad for my mom, as a Thanksgiving treat.  It turned out pretty well and I like the fluffy-ness of it.  I may make one for me as well, if I get everything else done first!