Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi there!

It's been two weeks since I finished these, and I'm glad I did since the cold weather seems here to stay.  Pretty basic -- cut the quarters in half the long way, seam the middle and outside edges, then sew the new long edges with right sides together.  Turn and stuff and tie with a ribbon!  Serging makes it really, really quick. 

My oldest was confused when he saw them.  He wanted to wrap them around his neck like a scarf.  I guess that's kind of the idea...



  1. Such a good idea for you in the North Country. I like that they are seasonal!

  2. You could also add a loop to one end, so you could hang it from the door knob when you need to open the door.....

  3. Alycia, she wrote on her other blog that she stuffed them with plastic bags. (I don't think she'll ever even see your question. She's not like me... going back over all the posts to see if someone wrote something new. Maybe you're not either, and now you'll never know.)