Friday, November 11, 2011

Book purse

This is a book purse. My library was having a special promotion which included getting a book purse kit for free, so of course I grabbed one. The kit included the empty book cover (Shakespeare) and the instructions. It’s all glued… very little sewing for this one. I just had to
sew two pieces together instead of “cutting on the fold” to get the most out of my fat quarter (nothing left over), and then did a little hand sewing to make the side pieces tend to tuck in when closed instead of flail out. The handles are made from an old tie, the button was from a suit coat, the elastic was a stretched out dead headband. I had to buy Aileen’s tacky glue to get the job done, but it was about time. How did I go so long without buying Aileen’s?
This purse would be impractical for me, because I tend to carry around diapers and kids books. I think my wallet alone is bigger than this purse. Don’t fear – I was able to give it away to someone who admired it. The teacher said she was giving a presentation on ways to bring books home, or something like that. Plus she would actually use it. She loved it. I loved getting it out of my house. :)

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