Monday, February 27, 2012

Button, button

I've wanted to do something to this effect for a while now. Thanks to my slightly unhealthy addiction to Pinterest I was itching to try some "button art". The problem with hanging things is that I need to find frames that don't cost tons. Hobby Lobby had an amazing sale on some painting canvases. I picked up a couple in sizes that I figure I could cover, glue things to, and use in other creative ways. I found a font where I liked the "C" and printed out a pattern and proceeded to arrange and hot glue different varieties of white, cream, grey, or clear buttons on it to form the "C". I fitted the fabric around the canvas and ta-da. Personalized wall hanging (which apparently seems to be the theme for this fabric).

Just to make sure, I know most of you received this fabric, but I had one not make it through the mail that I needed to resend. If yours didn't make it, I can send more.

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